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The success of modern business directly depends on employees skills. To make the company competitive it is necessary for НR managers to spend a lot of time for searching new effective estimation methods, selection and employees training. The electronic education technology "e-Learning" is a modern way of knowledge spreading and development of human resources by means of electronic communication. The system of electronic education can be installed in any company and in any educational institution. Each employee know how to work with the computer, he/she can train on a basis of e-Learning.  
Users management is the main function of any professional educational process control system. In SITOS Core it is realised the whole spectrum of management possibilities of profiles, groups and the users rights, and also their import and export.
SITOS Core module supports a number of functions, typical for a Web portal. Standard Internet communicative functions are accessible for SITOS users: groups of news, questioning, files loading and reception etc.
SITOS Learning Management module is used for electronic training courses management . Using the given module it is possible to construct group and individual user curricula. Any course can be easily connected with any teaching material, developed on the basis of SCORM or AICC standards, and with any other electronic document. For the training process control the module gives the exhaustive statistics on each user.
On the basis of SITOS Compliance Training module it is possible to inform users about all changes in the internal organisation rules or make trainings.
Using SITOS Classroom Training module it is possible to organise internal lectures combining traditional, and electronic education form. In the given expansion it is realised the full spectrum of educational resources and employees management.
SITOS E-Testing is an electronic testing control system with the embedded tests editor. It helps to realize the process of preliminary testing basing on which it is possible to make the individual curriculum, and also it realizes the monitoring system of received knowledge for an training efficiency process estimation.
On the basis of SITOS Collaboration module there are embodied effective methods of knowledge exchange and interactions of divisions. Here are realized such tools, as chats, forums and, of course, an e-mail exchange.

Using the SITOS Virtual Classroom module it is possible to organise removed online conferences or video chats.
SITOS is also possible to use for realisation of educational courses via Internet. SITOS e-Commerce gives wide opportunities for goods catalogues management, accounts preparations and extracts etc.
Using SITOS Connect module the educational portal can co-operate with corporate information systems, as, for example SAP VM or SAP HR. Company Interpak successfully develops the software for projects Sitos, e-Learning and  Sokratos of bit media e-learning solution company. The quantity of our clients increases.

Company Interpak gives services in software installation, training, technical support, maintenance, consultations of educational portal SITOS using.

Field of SITOS application
Educational portal SITOS will find the worthy place in any establishments and companies where is required the control system of vocational training or employees retraining. Because of rich functionality and flexible interface SITOS easily adapts for your individual requirements. The given system can be applied not only to improvement of employees professional skill but also as directory system, on its base it is possible to realise a portal of electronic commerce.
SITOS is successfully applied in many official bodies of Europe. SITOS users are such organisations as Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Austria, Parliament of Austria, company Boehringer Ingelheim, Mobilkom Austria, Mondi, NXP and many others.

Why it is necessary to use SITOS?
In SITOS® portal there are collected the most modern solutions in the field of electronic education and training, and also a wide spectrum of interaction possibilities with the help of Internet. «The effect of presence» is realised on the basis of virtual class rooms for the educational institutions, teachers and instructors. On the basis of SITOS® you can realise and other ways of teachers and pupils interaction, such as chats, conferences, questioning etc.


  • width of an audience coverage;
  • an individual training approach;
  • reduction of training expenses ;
  • decrease of education time expenses;
  • individual approach realisation to training;
  • an effective knowledge control and making of educational statistics;
  • possibility of any teaching materials integration on the basis of SCORM or AICC standards;
  • wide administrative possibilities;
  • the useful interface;
  • multiplatform ;
  • high efficiency.