Content Creator
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This is a product for creation of electronic tutorials
With the help of a program Content Creator you can easily and simply:

  • create any teaching materials in electronic form: lectures, textbooks, practical and laboratory works, methodical grants, semester  projects, essays, presentations, video and audio lessons, interactive lectures, tests;
  • organise effective testing (more than 10 various kinds of questionnaires);
  • automatically analyze test results, from self-examination to transfer of these results in external electronic educational system (if necessary);
  • integrate video - audio-files, hyperlinks on Internet resources, drawings, interactive elements into electronic teaching materials;
  • place your materials on a web-site and extend them to CD ;
  • look through the created contents in any standard Internet browser (for example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer , Netscape etc.), import them to the modern educational electronic systems;
  • use at data input such open standards and technologies as XML , HTML , Java - Script and DHTML ;
  • check, how the material looks for the trainee with the help of preliminary view;
  • interest your students with the beautiful and modern design of teaching materials;

Software product Content Creator installs very easily. There are minimal installation requirements. For typical installation it will be enough:

  • processor Pentium II , Celeron 350 MHz and above;
  • operation systems Windows 98 SE / NT /2000/ XP ;
  • 128 MB of operative memory;
  • 20 MB of an empty space on a hard disk;
  • MS Internet Explorer versions 5.5 or its analogues ;
  • a sound card;
  • HTML editor: Microsoft Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver .

According to all information, it is possible to summarise your advantages using the software product Content Creator:

  • low initial cost of a product;
  • modern unified standards of information representation ( XML , DHTML );
  • easy in training and use;
  • possibility of simultaneous support of a huge quantity of electronic training courses;
  • professional design of the visual program interface and effective program functionality;
  • possibility of creation and use of templates for electronic teaching materials developing.