Our main activity lies in several directions:

   • applications programming for the basic operation systems, such as Windows, Linux;

   • web applications programming;

   • database design;

   • software installation and setup;

   • technical support and information systems service.

  • Our employees are high qualified experts, able to solve tasks in appointed time.There are no such problems which our collective could not solve. The more difficult problem the more possibility for creativity and self-development.


  • We have rallied and constantly developing team. The extensive list of projects on the basis of various technologies allow us to form teams taking into account all possibilities, wishes and an every employee preferences. We appreciate both skilled professionals, and beginning experts ; .

Our success is based on the following principles:

   • innovative approach of difficult problems non-standard solutions searching ;

   • high quality of the products corresponds to the highest standards;

   • granting of various packages of IT services which correspond to the client requirements;

   • low price.

Principles of software development:

   • an individual approach to the task solution;

   • team-work of the Technical project;

   • consultation of the client about possibilities of the developed software efficiency increase;

   • integration of the developed solution with the available client's software;

   • granting of all necessary and auxiliary documentation to the customer;

   • technical support of the developed software.